An Archaeology of Disability

(David Gissen, Jennifer Stager, Mantha Zarmakoupi) opened at the 2021 Venice Biennale Architettura: How Will We Live Together? and traveled the following year to La Gipsoteca di Arte Antica, Pisa.

Installation view by Mantha Zarmakoupi, featuring three seats of Venetian stone with patterns drilled into them, the model of a ramp that vibrates when touched, photographs of the rock of the Acropolis and an older single-person elevator ascending, and a film, “Sēmata” recovering a lost Greek picture gallery that once stood at the gateway to the Acropolis, performed in Greek and American sign languages by Christopher Tester.

Still from “Sēmata (Signs)” written by Jennifer Stager and performed by Christopher Tester

The audio description of the film, performed by Pia Hargrove, is here (

For more, see this interview on Peopling the Past about making the film-work Sēmata/Signs for An Archaeology of Disability.

And this write-up of An Archaeology of Disability in Arts & Humanities.

A range of talks have been organized in connection with the second stop of the research station in Pisa: Aree archeologiche e accessibilità.


The Antioch Recovery Project is an ongoing research lab dedicated to the study of mosaics from the city of Antioch-on-the-Orontes and its surroundings. Led by principal investigator Jennifer Stager, ARP works in collaboration with a number of scholars at Hopkins and in the Baltimore area, as well as with the global community of Antioch researchers.

An essay related to this project “Antiochene Echoes” appears in Musiva e Sectile 18 (2021)

Hopkins Arts & Sciences magazine included a profile on this project and highlighted student work in this research-driven course.


Picturing Performance focuses on analyzing materials traces of performance in the ancient Mediterranean in conjunction with contemporary receptions of ancient Greek drama. Launching Spring 2023. 

unexpected projects, a collaboration between Jenny Salomon Omabegho and Jennifer Stager, aims to make art more accessible to wide-ranging audiences while providing artists with a platform from which to experiment.